The British Krav Maga Organisation


Before we became a British krav maga association for all Krav Maga Instructors we started off as a training company for producing Krav Maga instructors through training for existing school owners or new start ups.

As the years has moved on we have evolved and now offer affiliation to all existing instructors or seniors wishing to run their own schools offering services such as:-

Because of this The British Krav Maga Organisation is now becoming an association of Krav Maga self defence instructors. We are totally non political as we are now accepting Krav Maga instructors previously trained or qualified from other groups.

So what does the British Krav Maga Organisation offer the Presently trained Instructors or senior grades?

  • Get  FREE Member to Member Insurance
  • Get Instructor Insurance for under £79
  • Access to Association Profit share scheme
  • Be Part of a Nationally Recognised Association
  • Get Recognised and accredited for your system
  • Have access to Business support to grow your school
  • Certification and licensing for your members
  • Show case your skills in instructor gathering events
  • Access to International Martial arts travel
  • Access to seminars for instructors and students
  • Get Work Shop Opportunities in your area

As An Instructor How do I join the British Krav Maga Organisation?

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Check Out our founders story and how we started back in the day!

Rise of The British Krav Maga Organisation and the British Krav Maga System


wayne edwards krav maga

Krav Maga had been a passion of Wayne Edwards since 2004 when he went to Jacksonville to visit Karate America which is owned by Bill Clarke. He had first heard of the system in 2002 when the movie Enough staring Jennefer Lopez came out in which Krav Maga was featured. In 2002 it was around about this time short instructor courses were held in England by official Israeli bodies so as to spread the system though out the UK. During those years there were some practitioners who seemed very clunky and awkward and the system by a lot of Martial arts professionals was labelled Crap Maga as some instructors came straight out of the army with not much hand to hand experience as the requirements for being on a Krav Maga instructor course was either 3 years martial arts experience or an equivalent military or police background.  Maybe unknowingly, the Israelis in 2002  certified British military guys who did little or no hand to hand combat. In modern British Military, due to technology hand to hand combat had virtually become obsolete.  It wasn’t until 2004 and seeing the system in Jacksonville did Wayne fully see the system in full swing and he was lucky enough to see a seminar in full flow by some of the Krav Maga Worldwide guys who Karate America were and probably still are affiliated too.


Wayne began to study Krav Maga and get all the material together about the system. The system had the knees and elbows of Muay Thai, hands of boxing, grappling and locks of jujitsu and aikido and so on. What he noticed was that Krav Maga is a mixed system of simple, easy to learn techniques that are very generic to most systems. The only difference being, Krav Maga classes were strictly focused on Self defence and finishing the fight quick and it  removed the sport element of training.  Most  martial arts had seemed to not focus solely on answers for violent confrontation but Krav Maga did. It was very basic compared to some styles  and  didn’t required a long time of practice to be proficient.


Wayne ran a Freestyle or mixed system so to speak leading up to 2013 and implemented self defence into his system but was very much sport and fitness orientated. In light of the fact there was a growing demand for a solely dedicated self defence system he bit the bullet and sort out an Israeli Krav Maga Instructor course. This course was run by an Ex psychiatric prison nurse and Cross fit instructor who taught Wing chun prior to 2002. This nurse was attracted to Krav Maga because in his words, unlike Wing Chun Krav Maga gave him answers straight away and within his first class he had something he could use.


At the time the course was a 2 phase course of 9 days, 18 days in total. And the course was left open to Military  personnel regardless of if they had hand to hand experience or not. The main reason it seemed that they focused on the Military was because they had access to  Lcas resettlement fund that was over £2000 and there is a large amount of soldiers leaving the army  that had access to this funding.  Wayne was unimpressed  with this course  but saw potential and after expressing his interest in teaching instructor training  as he felt he had a lot to offer  he was  seen to be a threat and refused a certification under that association  at the end of Phase 2. full details can been here

Who is Master Edwards

Wayne Edwards is a 6th degree black belt. He holds black belts and senior grades in Freestyle Karate, Systemised Escrima,  Muay Thai, Fung Sau street fighting Kung fu and Kickboxing. Wayne is a successful competitor:- British Freestyle champion, Two times Clash of the Titans team winner, 4 times WPKA World Kickboxing Bronze medallist, European Bronze Self Defence Medallist, Current WFMC World Kickboxing Champion.

Wayne is the President of the England World Fight Martial Arts Council and a founding member and England President for the international self defence association Tact (TASC – Training Association for Self defense & Control). He is a Security trainer who  owns a security training company and ran courses for the 2012 Olympic games.

As mentioned above Wayne attended Krav Maga instructor training.

Wayne is the founder of the British Krav Maga Organisation, which is now in England, Scotland and Wales.

Setting Up the BKMO

Wayne did the unthinkable in Krav Maga terms and made a huge decision and has never looked back since. Without batting an eyelid and facing huge opposition from competitors he started the website the English Krav Maga Association and after getting interest from his long-time friend Master Everton Smith in Wales  he started   the British Krav Maga Organisation and the British Krav Maga System of which Master Smith was instrumental and Became a founder.

What Is British Krav Maga?

British Krav Maga is mapped off mainstream Israeli Krav  Maga .  Wayne’s view was if it wasn’t broken why fix it. Krav Maga curriculums such as Krav Maga World wide and KMG have already listed out most common self defence situations and documented easy to learn, simple effective solutions to deal with them. Wayne is hugely impressed with the KMG England president Nick Maison and KMW’s Darren Levine and KMG Founder Eyal Yanalov.

The system is sound but there were other instructors that seemed to lack martial arts or hand to hand experience to be effective.  On his experience of the short course he attended, sparring was a problem for the non martial arts trained candidates.  If sparring was difficult for these guys, how can they then teach someone to defend themselves when the stakes were a lot higher. 18  or 21 day zero to hero courses  is ineffective in producing a self defence instructor if they have no previous martial arts experience.

, defence , timing, spatial awareness and have actually been in a fight several times through competition would make a more suitable  instructor.  It is granted that sport is not real fighting but it is the closest we are going to get without killing each other and surely that has got to be better than nothing.  A competitor faces the unknown, goes through fear, adrenalin rushes, blood, spit and tears and that seemed pretty real to Wayne.  A competitor has the benefit of losing, going back to the drawing board for new strategies and training which gives them tons of experience to take on new systems and new rules. Even though it is said that Krav Maga  has no rules,  there is:- Stop the threat, Aggressively combat that threat, break away and scan for the next threat as you make your escape asap.

British Krav Maga breaks down the Krav Maga system, and rather than one man teaching everything we get subject matter experts to assist in the program as Krav Maga is an amalgamation of arts and not a total new system. It is no good having a trainer of instructors  telling a group I am not that good at ground work but I will go through what we do or worst trying to wing it.  The BKMO utilises subject matter experts to produce a robust British version of the system. One of our instructors is Shaun Lynn who is 5 Time World Self Defence  champion and Army weapons specialist who served for 25 years. Another Instructor will be Tony Sykes a fantastic Escrima specialist that helps the instructors recognise reference points.  Krav Maga is very big on recognising common reference points so as be effective under stress. The list goes on of individuals we will work with or bring into the organisation. We even have legal self defence experts to help clients keep safe legally.

British Krav Maga has an instructor assessment procedure that is to assess the competency level of candidates, instructors must be proficient to graduate.

Instructor Examination Process
krav maga instructor certificate

There isn’t many martial arts courses that are QCF accredited or nationally recognised by an awarding body such a BTEC, HABC, City and Guilds, etc. What this means  is when an organisation labels someone qualified as a Krav Maga instructor, this qualification is not worth the paper it is written on.  In the eyes of the educational board there are no qualified Krav Maga  instructor to teach Krav Maga yet.  So at present there is no QCF Krav Maga qualification that is in England. The BKMO are working on this to get a qualification accredited however there instructor training course is set out professionally and they  offer a PTTLS national recognised teacher qualification if required. On a BKMO course like any other QCF accredited  course there is a clear audit trail.

Instructors have a list of techniques and these are ticked off as met or unmet for each one. There are two assessors for the course-  an external verifier and internal verifier as well as a trainer who has to sign off that all subject matter is met .

There is a complaints procedure in place and no politics can influence results as we are clear on training when we start.

Mission and Values

The BKMO’s Mission is to bring safety training to every town, village and city for all, by practitioners who are open minded, honourable, respectful and have the diligence to ensure there service is of value to the needs of others.

Why Weekend Training?

To be good at anything it’s important to break the material into bite sized chunks  so as to fully understand what you are learning. Weekend courses are great for that.

Instructors have to have at least 3 years martial arts experience.  With 3 years experience, they already know how to punch, kick, take down, move, stand, distance, timing, self defence, etc..
An instructor will do 2 weekend courses to complete a basic instructor course that will give them 6 months of training. This basic training course is assessed and verified on the last day of the course.

After completing the course instructors will start teaching the syllabus, which in all honesty should not be worlds apart from what they have done in the past however probably not taught in this context.  The BKMO works very much of the premise, teach once, learn twice.

After 6 weeks the subject matter is reassessed for skill fade and the next 6 months material is covered at a weekend continued professional development course. Again all subject matter is verified to have been met or unmet for the instructor to pass on the next stage.

A BKMO instructor becomes a graduate instructor after 1 Basic training course and 4 CPD  weekends.
A BKMO Instructor should be running a successful Krav Maga school Months before they  achieve graduate level.

Why Choose the BKMO for growing your Adult Classes


There is a huge boom in demand for self defence programs as times become more violent. There are a lot of martial arts schools that have not yet tapped into this demand or began to offer a robust system for adults that they can use straight away and not need a life time of training to be proficient in.

Martial arts is hugely populated by children and some schools struggle to grow a large adult base of students. The BKMO have a tried and tested program that is guaranteed to grow your adult numbers.

The system is clearly mapped out and instructor courses include subject matter specialists rather than leaving training to one man. You are not just taught about teaching  a curriculum but how to recruit and enrol new members and continually grow your school.

BKMO has a huge wealth of knowledge of growing your school and in view of the fact that founders have been running full time schools for over 3 decades as full time professionals and not just survived in the recession but excelled it makes good sense to choose BKMO.

What to expect on the course

This program will be intense but rewarding. From day one you take part in a successful class of the BKMO alongside client members so you have first-hand evidence that the system works. You will get presented an instructor manual with syllabus, instructions, instructor assessment and a mapped out line of progression for the graduate program.

You will thoroughly go through the curriculum as well as cover class management, planning and teaching musts.  We will cover the recruitment and enrolment procedures, marketing musts and Instructor testing will be about confirming understanding of the program and how to teach it.

How to get involved

Getting started does not break the bank and start-up costs are low, and we will provide you with full support.

To get on the next course or express your interest just register for more info or Call 0161 434 9045