Paul Grey British Krav Maga and Weston-Super-Mare  Krav Maga
Paul Greay BKMA, British Krav Maga

When Wayne Edwards set up his organisation he attracted the wrath of an association that set out to destroy and discredit him over the internet. If you type in BKMO or British Krav Maga organisation you will find a report on every single one of their websites telling their story of how Wayne failed their instructor training course and is not a qualified instructor. Wayne had originally done a 18 day instructor training course with this group whose owner has posted over the internet stories of his misleading comments and not being qualified.  During the 18 days he mainly went over 360 blocking, some knife and gun mixed with a lot of cross fit and the sparring of the instructors was questionable. This lead Wayne to believe he could do it better. After expressing interest of ‘teaching instructor training’ attitudes towards him changed and he was refused accreditation.  In view of the fact there is no formal qualification for Krav maga and the certification is a myth of being nationally recognised Wayne started up his own regardless.


Wayne has studied many Martial arts arts of which many he has senior grades such as Kung fu, Karate, 6th degree Kickboxing, Escrima, Muay Thai, Israeli Krav Maga, Kapap, DRCS and more. Wayne is Uk representative for European Krav Maga Training, DRCS, Tasc and the World Fight Martial Arts Council.

Being a fighter and having bags of confidence in his own ability Wayne never gave up and kept plugging away to grow his organisation and his classes. He runs a very successful Krav Maga school with over 100 adult Krav Maga students in one location of which he has a client base of nearly 300. The same association attempted to trade mark British Krav Maga in an attempt to prevent Wayne from using the term even though he published his new system British Krav Maga in Martial arts illustrated more than 12 months prior to their trademark application.

So what do most people do when they are hounded by a bully.  As an anti-bullying instructor Wayne refused to give in. Wayne is a well respected Martial artist in his own right and even a Martial arts hall of famer.  Putting together his own Krav Maga program based off the Krav Maga world wide syllabus, he not only started his classes but instructor training program as well.  With his 15 years  experience of running a professional full time school Wayne starting his consultancy and training business. Wayne attracted clients such as 4 schools in the Midlands, 3 in East Anglia, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Liverpool, 1 in London, 2 south east England and 2 in Manchester.  Some of Waynes Clients are well known Martial artists such Mick Blackwell and Rick Rick Dubidat to name a few.


In 2015 Wayne joined forces with European Krav Maga training in Italy and was exposed to Kapap Pioneer Moshe Galisko and the International Kapap association. Wayne went on to do his instructors with the IKA and EKMT.  Wayne was invited to Israel for the 2016 Israeli Martial arts festival.


For the 2016 Israeli Martial arts festival that was spread over 6 days, Wayne was exposed to some of the great Krav Maga instructors such as one of the first Kravists Haim Zut.  Now the reason Wayne bit the bullet and went to Israel was he wanted to see for himself what Israel had to offer. On youtube a lot of the British Krav Maga videos seemed very clunky,  sloppy and mostly fitness based. However in the states, Italy, Poland, Israel  and other countries they made the system look amazing. Wayne’s first attraction to how polished the system could look was when he saw Nick Maison’s promotional videos which are out of this world.  Wayne was 100% certain that a martial artist with good striking ability would have the timing and special awareness to pick up this simple and well thought out system.

On arriving in Israel and beginning training, Wayne’ suspicion was correct. ‘Martial arts’ is big over there. Krav Maga instructors are versed in several martial arts in their own right. He trained with instructors who were masters in Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate, MMA, Muay Thai who taught Krav Maga. In Israel he trained with guys who looked the part, talked the talk and walked the walk. These guys had Martial arts etiquette, were welcoming, courteous and open minded which was a far stretch from his dealings whilst on a 18 day course he did in Bristol.

With all this negativity on the Web it has acted as a great motivation for Wayne to drive his gaols forwards. Wayne’ goal is to get all schools running at least one reality based self-defence dedicated class, the reason being with the increased violence on the street and terrorism the public needs to be better equipped. He also wants to promote Martial arts etiquette within reality based clubs because he feels training combat skills to people without etiquette runs the risk of creating thugs.

The next goal for the BKMO is to become more of an organiser and promoter of reality based Martial arts. Hence each year the BKMO will arrange trips to Israel for the Israeli festival. The organisation will be arranging International Kapap association instructor training and hosting seminar from Krav Maga specialists from Israel and around the world as well.

Krav Maga Myth
British Krav Maga myth

There is a saying that an individual does not need a lifetime to master Krav Maga. The system originated from getting soldiers ready for battle in a short space of time in few short months. If the system is that easy to learn why is it a minority of Krav Maga instructors feel it should take years of Krav Maga training to teach this basic system. The fact is Krav Maga is not hard to pickup and these established instructors that are stuck in their ways  tend to sell through fear and are fearful of competition.

What to expect from the BKMO?

British Krav Maga Orgnsiation
If you’re a Martial artist with at least 3 years of training in a striking style you can do Wayne’s Basic Instructor  course to get you started. The basic course will give you 6 months of material. To get the next 6 months you will do level 2.  After level 2 you will have the equivalent entry level to do the Internation Kapap Associaiton (IKA) instructor A class course as well as have access to traveling to Israel April 2017. Each year there will be more progressive training such as level 3 and 4 and B and C class Kapap courses.  The IKA Kapap course has curriculum up to 6th degree Black Belt.

What is Kapap?
Wayne Edwards Krav Maga
Kapap is where Krav Maga came from. The British trained Israelis to fight. There unarmed fighting style was referred to by Israelis as Kapap.  Kapap is a combination of many styles so as to make it effective as it is a progressive system. If Krav Maga can be referred to as defensive the Kapap is Offensive and covers how to use weapons and mount a successful attack. Kapap and Krav Maga is like Ying and yang. Both of these styles have great benefits for the making of a complete Martial artist.
If you would like a cost effective instructor training course to start Krav Maga / Kapap in your school or become a new start up as long as you have a 3 year martial arts experience with a good striking ability Wayne can help you train to black belt and beyond. Wayne also provides a coaching program to help your reality based school flourish.  The coaching program is key.  There is a misconception Krav Maga sells itself. Krav Maga is a great program to retain students but it is the systems that is the key and Wayne gives his 15 years’ experience in getting you to have an unbelievable time teaching while earning an income from your passion at the same time.

To get More details call Wayne on 0161 434 9045 or email him on or facebook him on