British Krav Maga Instructor Training and Bradford Krav Maga

What is your Bradford Krav Maga instuctor’s martial arts background?

Is a military background enough in these modern days in view of the fact modern military do not do much hand to hand combat.

For 3 years Paul Grey has been hounding Wayne Edwards and the British Krav Maga Organisation otherwise known as the BKMO. If you type in BKMO, British Krav maga organisation or  Wayne Edwards Krav Maga, you will see Paul Greys  story. Paul has even targeted Wayne’s own town in Didsbury to try and crush his business.  Paul  Greys bullying techniques is designed to try and stop Wayne from running his Krav maga organisation or rivalling Paul Greys BKMA instructor training program.

Wayne is labelled a FAKE, Liar and Charliton yet Paul  Grey of the BKMA tries to come across as whiter than white. The BKMA heavily aims at ex  Military for licensees  or instructors as thy  bank on the ignorance of the public who are widely none the wiser that modern military personnel do not have much hand to hand training if any. Ex Military will part with around about £2400 to teach years of training that will takes approximately 21 days to complete. Due to LCAs funding which is a resettlement fund for ex-military personnel the course is virtually free for them and lines Paul Greys pockets as he possibly unleashes barely capable guys with less experience than some of the general public they are actually teaching.

Now Wayne Edwards has put up with Paul grey for over 3 years and just focused on building his Organisation and classes and just wants to be left alone.

If you have a military instructor with no hand to hand  combat experience prior to doing a 21 day instructor course, you need to be concerned.  You may be with this instructor for years and he or she will be 21 days ahead of you. Wayne aims for seasoned martial arts to teach Krav Maga which is fairly basic as it is designed to get individuals functional in months.

Check out this video From a true Martial artist and veteran of the British Forces.
After you view this video feel free to do your own research on Wayne.  Check out his bio, his past and his future plans.

Read His Story

Regardless of what Paul Grey tries to do Wayne  is here to stay and all he wants to do is contribute and grow his organisation and be left alone to run his British Krav Maga system and Organise Krav Maga seminars, trips and instructor courses without having online bullying from a man with a scarcity mentality.

Check out this Video Exposure
From Shaun Lynn on Hand to hand combat in today’s Modern Military

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