Krav Maga Fitness Instructor Training

Learn how to teach Krav Maga Fitness

Become a Krav Maga Fitness Instructor Training No Martial Arts experience needed! – See more at:

You will learn to…

  • Class Structure
  • Numerous drills and skills
  • Pricing
  • Retention
  • Marketing
  • Class planning
  • Retention
  • Recruitment
  • Enrolment
  • Maximising earning potential
No Martial Arts experience needed

We are looking for Military,  Martial arts trained and Fitness Professionals.

Aim of the Course

The aim of this course is to create instructors who would like to provide fitness classes with self defence applications. There is a high percentage of people who want to get fit but are bored with normal circuit training or boot camp routines.

Krav Maga fitness disguises the workout with learning new skills and developing potentially applicable techniques for self defence.

This  system is so fun your clients will keep coming for more. Because the system is so simple there is not much down town between routines. Within 45 mins your clients will be buzzing and will have more time to do other things rather than training in a old fashioned 2 hour class.

How the course works
  • Please bring your own training equipment such as Boxing gloves,  forearm pads, focus pads and towels. All these items can be purchased from us if you have not got the equipment.
  • You will need a note pad as we will go through class structure, health and safety, business training and more.

    This is an intensive course and assumes you have a reasonable level of fitness. If you are comfortable with with working with others, you should be fine!

  • Arrive at 9.30 am to meet everyone and go through paper work for a 10am start . We will cover  basics of teaching and growing your school and come 12.15pm training starts!
  • 15pm you will take part in a class with other students with in the academy. This gives you a feel for the culture and standard of the academy.
  • You will learn how to control the class, break down curriculum to bite size chunks, flexible approach to class dynamic and more. After a break for lunch, we’ll go through everything relating to scenario based teaching in more detail.
  • Class days ends around 5.00pm and you will be invited to stay around for further discussion with Wayne and with each other, about running your own classes and more.  Wayne will be around after the course to give you further advice and guidance about your site.


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