Q.) Do I get ongoing support?

A.) Yes you do. We will send you video references to give you tips to keep your classes exciting. The whole belt syllabus will be filmed for your reference.

Q.) Can I get licenced and Insurance through your Organisation.

A.) Yes we are a fully Insured association with the ability to insure you for and your students if you need too.

Q.) We have heard horror stories about Instructor training programs

A.) I understand what you mean. As a professional martial artist for decades I was a victim of a program that took military personnel with no experience and gave them instructor certificates. The episode was my motivator for starting the BKMO and we have never looked back since.

Q.) What is the difference between British Krav Maga and Israeli Krav Maga?

A.) Authentic British Krav Maga has no Isreali links as yet but the system has similar values. Authentic British Krav Maga is all about self defence first.

Q.) I was really after traditional Krav Maga?

A.) Our system is based on Krav Maga and follows the curriculum whoever if your dead set on a total isreali linked style then we would suggest KMG or IKMF as they are the original guys who brought Krav Maga to the UK. KMG’s instructor Nick Maison is an Amazing practitioner. However the BKMO will provide you with a credible workable system and more. We will teach you how to grow a sustainable business with great customer service.
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Q.) So why choose the BKMO and what does it take to have a successful school?

A.) The system of training is just one part of a successful school. You could be Bruce lee but if you do not have the systems to run a successful school you will just have an empty room. The founders have created 100’s of thousands of pounds worth of revenue teaching Martial arts and there is no reality based company that can show you how to be as successful. BKMO schools aim to attract a crowd of professionals who are interested in personal growth and personal development. We want classy clientele and classy instructors. The schools have a code of behavior designed to raise standards and quality of teaching. You will never find our instructors sharing profanity on the web, speaking unprofessional about other schools and styles. We aim to service outstanding members of the community. Our motto is No Ego’s, No Thugs just outstanding people.

Q.) I run my own club or association

A.) That’s fantastic. Get in touch and we will show how you how we can work